Rivera Huila


Rivera Town:

Nestled in the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera the municipality of Rivera preserves the sources of inspiration of José Eustasio Rivera, the Cantor of the Tropic was enchanted by the contemplation of the beauty of the landscape that today is still possible to recognize when walking along the paths Spring that unites the Guadual with the urban helmet, as well as, the trails of Termopilas, La Cascada, Cuatro Vientos and Casa Blanca. Tours that allow us to observe the traditional sources that generate wealth, among them, the cacaotera, the fruit trees, especially the chulupa, but there are also spots of Elizabethan grape crops used as an input for the preparation of wines. The tourism that timidly appeared with the thermal water sources for the recreation of the neivanos, today is an important motivator of visits of tourists who look for family recreation; some prefer weekend stays in rural accommodation and others find in the Gastronomica offer a reason to spend Saturday or Sunday in a country environment enjoying a more benevolent climate than Neiva.


Tourist attractions:


  • Thermal water spas.

  • Enjoy the varied Gastronomic offer.

  • Overnight in the rural lodgings.


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