Desierto Tatacoa

Tatacoa Desert

Villavieja Town:

Villavieja is a vestige of what was the cattle ranch of the Alto Magdalena. Its territory is a part of the "Treasury of the Aposentos", property of the Jesuits in the Colony. The economic wealth of the municipality has been formed on the basis of agricultural development, although in the last three decades the development of the tourism sector has timidly emerged.


Tourist attractions:

  • Urban tour to visit the Paleontological museums, El Totumo, the Malecón del Río Magdalena, the central park and the temple of Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes.

  • Hiking, through El Cardón, El Cuzco, Los Hoyos and La Venta sites.

  • Astronomical Observation, in the Astronomical Observatory of La Tatacoa, characterized by its low light pollution, sighting of the two hemispheres and 88 constellations.


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