San Agustin

San Agustín

San Agustín:

Since pre-Hispanic times, when the Ullumbe culture chose the territory of the Colombian Massif, and specifically the space occupied by the municipalities of San Agustín, Isnos, Saladoblanco, Oporapa, La Argentina, La Plata and Inzá, to carry out the most representative funerary rites, Until today, that territory has been considered as a magical and sacred place. The concept is based on the conviction that there was experienced a particular relationship between man, nature and the cosmos, known as the expression of poetic myth thought. The meaning of this culture, which is seen in a monumental and mysterious statuary, meant that in 2004 it was recognized by UNESCO as a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The Archaeological Park of San Agustín, in particular, has become the emblematic tourist destination of the people of Huila and one of the most important sources of economic development in this southern municipality. Along with tourism, the San Agustin community has made agricultural development the other source of wealth. Although the artistic activity, basically the music, is a daily reason of attraction in the locality.


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